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Memories of Bequia – Part 1

Lizzy and Monty out for a walk.

Our plans to travel to Bequia Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines had been in the works for almost a year. We signed on to house sit for two families while they are on vacation. House sitting on a remote island in the Caribbean certainly sounded like fun, but we knew the best part would be getting to play with their puppy dogs while they are away. We are both former dog owners and life long dog lovers, so a chance to have pets in our lives again – even though it would be temporary – was something we couldn’t pass up. Before we accepted this assignment, we really didn’t know much about this part of the world. After some studying up we learned this about St. Vincent:

Just the name St. Vincent and the Grenadines evokes visions of exotic, idyllic island life. Imagine an island chain in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, uncluttered by tourist exploitation; with white-sand beaches on deserted islands, sky-blue water gently lapping the shore and barely a soul around.

Intriguing…. go on….

There are 31 Grenadines, each more tranquil than the next and each begging to be explored. Beaches stretch out before you, the pace of life slows to a crawl and the desire to go home vanishes.

and specifically about Bequia Island….

Bequia is the most perfect island in the whole Grenadines. Stunning beaches dot the shoreline, accommodations to fit most budgets and a slow pace of life all help to create an environment that is utterly unforgettable.

So with visions of paradise dancing in our heads, we left Seattle for the first stop of our very long holiday.

Molly and Little Bit share a moment together.

Molly and Little Bit share a moment together.

We had an overnight flight to Miami, changed planes heading to Barbados then finally took a small regional prop jet to Bequia Island. Alan (from our first house sit) met us at the airport and gave us a quick tour of the island on the way home. And I do mean quick. The island is only seven square miles and basically has one road up the middle. After fifteen minutes we were intimately familiar with our new (temporary) home. The house sitting jobs did not disappoint. Wonderful home owners (we couldn’t have asked for anyone nicer,) great houses to stay at (tropical gardens, swimming pools, panoramic views) and pets we just couldn’t spend enough time with. And, of course, nearly ten weeks to really relax, enjoy and understand what it is like to live on a Caribbean island. We loved every moment we spent with the doggies and enjoyed so many memorable moments. Each puppy had such a distinct personality that we could zero in on exactly what we needed to do to make them happy. And it was oftentimes hilarious to watch them interact with each other. There was definitely a pecking order at each home!