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The Adventure Begins


After a year of planning and preparation, Molly and Greg quit their jobs May 31 to travel the world. During our year of preparation – and the first two weeks of unemployment – we have been busy selling, packing and giving away our belongings. We have sold furniture, cars and hot air balloons. Given away household items to family and friends, and packed the remaining things away into storage…. just in case our dream of long-term travel turns out to be a nightmare.

We have gone “on-line” with everything so we can run our lives from a laptop: on-line banking, Skype, e-mail and a forwarding address for snail mail.

With our preparations complete, tomorrow we head for our first destination – the island of Bequia in the Grenadines.

It would be an understatement to say we are excited to begin this phase of our lives.

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